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Notify & Fitness for Mi Band Pro v7.0.4 Cracked [Latest]

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band Mi Band 2 text display support (caller name, Whatsapp messages, contact names, …) Workout session: analyze each your workout sessions (steps, heart, calories, GPS)… Read more »

Hydro Coach PRO – drink water v4.0.51-pro [Paid] [Latest]

Drinking water regularly is a big challenge inday-to-day life. Hands up – who really drinks enough water everyday? Hydro Coach will help you by calculating how much water youneed, tracking… Read more »

Mi Bandage – Mi Band & Amazfit v3.3.1 [Premium] [Latest]

Mi Bandage – Mi Band & Amazfit The app currently supports only Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Mi Bandage requires the installation of the official Mi Fit app on the same… Read more »

Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness v3.5.3 [Subscribed] Cracked APK [Latest]

Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness Get the most out of your day with the Headspace meditation app. We’ll help you perform at your best through the life-changing skills of meditation and… Read more »

QuitNow! PRO – Stop smoking v5.87.2 [Paid] [Latest]

QuitNow! PRO We’re happy to see that you’re enjoying QuitNow! :·) The PRO version unlocks all the features of the app, to help you to quit smoking. Unlocked health screen:… Read more »

Good Morning Alarm Clock v2.4 [Pro] [Latest]

Good Morning brings a good day! This alarm clock finds the optimal time to wake you up, provides you with night stats, and notifies if you have to change your… Read more »

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.9.12 [Unlocked] [Latest]

Blue light from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and prevents you from falling asleep easily at night. ☆ Don’t be robbed of a good night’s sleep!… Read more »

Poke Me – Water Drink Reminder v1.3 [Paid] [Latest]

Easiest way to improve your health Easiest way to improve your health Our bodies are more than 50% water. Water is essential to our lives. But we often do not… Read more »

RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk Elite v8.7.2 [Latest]

RunKeeper Elite is the simplest way to improve fitness, whether you’re just deciding to get off the couch for a 5k, biking every day, or even deep into marathon training…. Read more »

P4P 7 Minuten Training PRO v1.5.0 [Paid] [Latest]

Have you ever thought it possible to work out your entire body in just 7 minutes, burn maximum calories and achieve your desired results? The science behind 7 Minutes not… Read more »

Run with Map My Run + v18.2.3 [Paid] APK [Latest]

Run with Map My Run + Track and map every run with MapMyRun+ and get feedback and stats to improve your performance. Discover the best running routes, save and share… Read more »

Map My Ride+ GPS Cycling v18.2.3 [Paid] APK [Latest]

Map My Ride+ GPS Cycling Turn your phone into the ultimate cycling computer. All the features of the award-winning MapMyRide basic app PLUS: no ads! Map My Ride+ – GPS… Read more »

Night Shift Pro – Blue Light Filter for Migraine v2.21 [Paid] APK [Latest]

Night Shift Pro – Blue Light Filter for Migraine is an optimal blue light filter app, created to filter screen light in order to protect eyes from blue wavelength emitted… Read more »

SleepTown v2.3.0 [Premium] Apk [Latest]

SleepTown SleepTown is an incredible app that helps you attain a healthy, regular sleep schedule. Construct amazing buildings just by achieving your bedtime and wake-up goals every day. Start tonight,… Read more »

GymUP Pro v10.08 [Paid] APK is Here ! [Latest]

GymUp Pro workout notebook GymUP is the apps which combines a very functional training scratch pad, a large base of exercises and training programs. You can choose the appropriate training… Read more »