Netflix (Android TV) v6.1.0 build 2425 Cracked APK [Latest]

Netflix for Android TV

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular websites in the world that allows you to watch movies, series and programs on your favorite device.

If you’re already a member of Netflix, download this free app to access thousands of movies, series and programs on your Android TV device.

If you do not have an account on Netflix yet, register to use the free month trial period.

How does Netflix work?
• Membership in Netflix gives you access to an unlimited number of movies, series and programs as part of an attractive monthly subscription.
• With Netflix, you can watch as many movies and episodes as you want – anywhere, anytime.
• We regularly complete our collection of thousands of titles and add new episodes of series, and you can browse the available items in a very convenient way.
• You can search for your favorite titles on both devices with Android TV technology and other supported devices.
• You can rate your favorite movies and series, and share your preferences with us, which makes it easier for us to choose the best titles especially for you.
• You can start watching on one device and finish on another. Visit the website to find out on which devices you can use Netflix.

By choosing the INSTALL option, you agree to install the Netflix application and its necessary updates and upgrades.


  • Netflix  Screenshot
  • Netflix  Screenshot

Requirements: 5.1+ | Android TV

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